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Train at John Schiebout’s Black Belt Academy in Boise, ID

Whether you want your child to learn valuable life skills or want to learn how to defend yourself responsibly, you’ll find a class to suit your needs at John Schiebout’s Black Belt Academy. Our instructors have more than three decades of experience teaching martial arts like karate and taekwondo. We are dedicated to teaching strong values and physical skills to local residents of all ages. Our facility has successfully turned out strong, confident children and adults since opening its doors in 1996. We remain dedicated to the success of our students and take pride in producing future leaders!

Sign yourself or your child up for martial arts at John Schiebout’s Black Belt Academy by calling 208-631-3363.

Build confidence while building martial arts skills

We focus on five core components at John Schiebout’s Black Belt Academy. Our knowledgeable professionals are devoted to teaching children and adults to take care of themselves through:

  1. Proper nutrition
  2. Physical fitness
  3. Service
  4. Martial arts
  5. Continuing education

Once you have shown significant progress in the five levels, you are eligible to achieve the next belt. Get in touch with John Schiebout’s Black Belt Academy to learn more.

Learn the art of self-defense at John Schiebout’s Black Belt Academy

John Schiebout’s Black Belt Academy teaches karate and taekwondo skills at our facility. Taekwondo focuses on a variety of kicking techniques, while karate is centered on hand strikes. Our highly trained martial arts instructors will educate you in the style of your choice and work with you to develop your skills. You’re eligible to move up in the ranks every two months after you have mastered our five core values at your current belt level.

You’ll love the challenge that comes with hands-on learning! Contact John Schiebout’s Black Belt Academy to reserve a spot in one of our classes.

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